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Nevis, Minnesota is the home of a kindergarten through 12th grade school, plus pre-kindergarten and learning readiness. Educating students is an important process. Every student is important, whether a high achiever or a student with special needs.

Respect for oneself and for one another is an important value at Nevis School!


Mission Statement

To provide an educational environment which emphasizes independent learning as a lifelong process of challenges. Learners must become critical thinkers, develop positive self-esteem, reach their maximum potential, adapt to a changing world, and become responsible citizens.



The Nevis School is a small independent district located within a comfortable, recreational area, where large industry and big city problems are not a disadvantage to a healthy lifestyle. Being a part of this unique community and school system allows parents to participate in their children's education and community activities.

Nevis is located in north, central Minnesota. Nearby cities include: Park Rapids, Akeley, and Walker.


An Educational Effectiveness Site
Mailing Address: PO Box 138
Location: 210 Pleasant St. W
Nevis, MN 56467
Phone: 218-652-3500
Fax: 218-652-3505
Bus garage: 218-652-3526
Web Address: http://www.nevis.k12.mn.us

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Web Design class:
Ellen A., Casey D., Kate D., Riley H., Amanda H., Joe H., Mikayla M., Missy R., Kasey S.

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