School Board Policy 903



The purpose of this policy is to inform the school community and the general public of the position of the school board on visitors to school buildings and other school property.


  1. The school board encourages interest on the part of parents and community members in school programs and student activities. The school board welcomes visits to school buildings and school property by parents and community members provided the visits are consistent with the health, education and safety of students and employees and are conducted within the procedures and requirements established by the school district.

  2. The school board reaffirms its position on the importance of maintaining a school environment that is safe for students and employees and free of activity that may be disruptive to the student learning process or employee working environment.


  1. There will be no student visitors at school.

  2. Parents must report to the main office to sign in. They will receive a visitor button. Visitors will not be admitted to classrooms without a visitor button.

    If you want to visit your child's classroom or teacher, it is necessary to make an appointment one - two days prior. Conferencing with your child's teacher may occur before or after school, or during the teacher's prep time.

    While visiting, visitors must not interfere with regular classroom instruction.

    The faculty lounge is for faculty use only.

  3. It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent to provide coordination that may be needed throughout the process and provide for periodic school board review and approval of the procedures.


An individual or group may be denied permission to visit a school or school property or such permission may be revoked if the visitor(s) does not comply with the school district procedures and regulations or if the visit is not in the best interest of students, employees or the school district.

  1. Visitors are authorized to park vehicles on school. When unauthorized vehicles of visitors are parked on school property, school officials may:

    1. move the vehicle or require the driver or other person in charge of the vehicle to move it off school district property; or

    2. if unattended, provide for the removal of the vehicle, at the expense of the owner or operator, to the nearest convenient garage or other place of safety off school property.

  2. An individual or group who enters school property without complying with the procedures and requirements may be guilty of criminal trespass and thus subject to criminal penalty. Such persons may be detained by the school principal or a person designated by the school principal in a reasonable manner for a reasonable period of time pending the arrival of a police officer.

Legal References:

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